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Went CES 2014! Shared about our first tech trip over at the blog! 

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Slide in.

The ladibird is a professional camera that works with iPhone 5. It houses a mirrorless CMOS image sensor, and a prime lens. We are also supporting future iPhone models. 


Sharp portraits & softened backgrounds.

The ladibird's 50mm f/1.8 large-aperture prime lens allows you to take shallow depth-of-field pictures that produce intimate, vibrant and high-quality portraits.  



Instant shoot & share. Skip your PC, upload straight to the net. 

Just tap your iPhone's screen to take a photo or use the ladibird's shutter button. Then instantly post it online through social networks, chat apps, to the cloud, or email. 


Smaller & lighter than a DSLR.

The ladibird was designed to give the same image quality as a DSLR without the weight, bulk or complexity. 

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Professional grade image sharpness.

The ladibird's image sensor is 7.5x larger than the average smartphone sensor and 4x larger than a compact sensor. This extra large size lets it absorb more light into any scene you shoot.  


Take shallow depth of field portraits. 

The ladibird's 50mm prime lens allows for sharp focus onto the subject while blurring the background. The de-focused background naturally frames the subject to give you a beautiful portrait that also has far less distortion. No more bulging cheeks, jaws or hips! 


Take a break.

Not shooting? Lay the ladibird down and it will angle your iphone in a position that is more friendly for your eyes , whether when using apps or watching videos. 

Designed in Singapore.

Please do visit our ladibird facebook page!  Our goal is to build the first ladibird prototype soon. Currently we are kindly housed in the National University of Singapore. We appreciate any support and feedback, thanks!